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Salmon and Cream cheese Frittata

I’ll bang on about frittatas until the sun goes down. I just love them. Cracking way to use up excess stuff in the fridge and you can pretty much throw in anything you like!

This combo is a big favourite of mine, particularly with the cream cheese. When served warm you get these little pockets of soft, melted cream cheese every so often and it’s just delicious with the salmon and greens. As always, I make a huge pan of frittata to have lunches and snacks on standby for a few days afterwards. Not a morsel gets wasted!!

Salmon and Cream Cheese Frittata

Makes 1 large Frittata - 6-8 slices


4 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered

200g frozen peas

1 handful of kale

3 handfuls of spinach

200g smoked salmon

150g cream cheese

150g grated mature cheddar cheese

10 eggs

50ml milk

20g butter


1 - First, boil those potatoes until cooked through (12-15 mins or so). Once cooked (test by stabbing with a knife to ensure they are soft), drain and leave to steam dry.

2- Place the spinach in a microwaveable bowl and microwave for 2 minutes until wilted. Tip onto some kitchen paper to soak up the excess water.

3- Repeat with the kale- it won’t wilt but will just soften slightly.

4- Place the peas in a small bowl and pour over boiling water. Allow to sit for 2 minutes then drain.

5- Slice the cooled, dry potatoes into 1/2cm thick slices.

6- Crack the eggs into a medium jug, add the milk and season well.

7- Now to assemble.... in a medium sized non-stick frying pan (10” wide) layer the ingredients evenly across the pan:

Half the potatoes, half the kale, spinach and peas. Half the smoked salmon and dollops of cream cheese scattered over the pan. Then pour half the egg mixture and gently press down into the pan. Sprinkle over half the grated cheese. Repeat all steps above.

8- Heat the grill and place the frying pan onto the hob on a medium heat. The frittata will take 12-15 minutes to cook so I Place on the hob for 2 minutes, under the grill for 1-2 minutes and repeat. This ensures cooking from the top and bottom and stops either side over cooking!

9- To check its cooked through, give the pan a gentle shake and the centre shouldn’t wobble. If in doubt, cook for another minute or so.

I make this, eat the first slice warm and then slice the rest and keep in the fridge. It’s then ready to grab anytime for a quick lunch or snack. As I sit and write this recipe, I’m eating one I made yesterday following a 3 hour bike session! No way I want to cook now so it’s awesome to have something I can simply re heat (or eat cold) that I know was made from scratch and contains a good balance of all my food and nutritional needs!

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