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Custom Cakes and Weddings

Swim Bake Run began many years ago, making bespoke cakes for birthdays, celebrations and eventually weddings. Although the concept has evolved into healthier, sports-centred baking, I still have a passion for creating bespoke cakes and bakes for all occasions.


My extensive range of baking also means I can pretty much cater to every individuals need and I will work closely with you to plan EXACTLY what you would like! This includes a variety of flavours, sizes and designs as well as providing options for vegan, gluten-free* and of course refined sugar free options too. 

I absolutely love a challenge so come at me with your ideas push me to the limit! 

Contact SBR for more information and check out my social medic platforms to see what I get up to. 

*we cannot guarantee 100% gluten free as the items are prepared in the same kitchen as items containing gluten. All ingredients used would be gluten free. 

Large Toybox Cake
Christian Louboutin Shoe and Box Cake
Seaside Beach themed Wedding Cake
Jaws Themed Cake
Poppy from "Trolls" Cake
Medical Graduatin Cake
Cheeky Monkey Cake!
Chocolate Malteaser Cake
Pretty Buttercream cake with flowers
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