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Welcome to Swim Bake Run!

Swim Bake Run Founder Leanne Fullwood doing a Triathlon!
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Welcome to Swim Bake Run - my baking and triathlon blog dedicated to my love of the sport and my overwhelming obsession with all things food. 

I never used to be 'fit' or athletic and I've struggled with my weight in my younger years. This resulted in yo-yo, obsessive dieting and bad habits all round. I got into running at University which grew into triathlon about 8 years ago. I've raced all distances including Ironman Austria in 2018 as well as 3 marathons before that. So I know what it's like to live a busy lifestyle, train for 3 disciplines and feel the need for amazing food. For fuel, for health and for happiness.


I must caveat though, I am not a qualified nutritionist (this is an aspiration for the future). I don't strictly count calories but I believe firmly in a balanced, nutritious diet. This includes eating wholemeal foods, packing recipes with fruits, vegetables and other nutritious ingredients and for the sweet stuff, I try to avoid as much refined sugar as possible as well as using alternative fat sources including nut butters and coconut oil.  

Here I will share my sporting journey, my bakes and my favourite recipes and I hope you enjoy them!

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