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5 ingredient Sausage Rolls

I actually get sad looking at ready-made sausage rolls from a supermarket. It’s just all wrong. The pastry is dry, the sausage is questionable (at best) and they just leave me so disappointed. If you have a great deli or somewhere you can buy PROPER sausage rolls then happy days but I cannot tell you just how easy it is to do yourself at home!! Well.... I can- and here is the recipe.

I made these for the first time when going for a group picnic. I was short on time and was running around the supermarket picking up bits of food that would appeal to everyone- including the kids. I stared at the sausage rolls for ages and still couldn’t bring myself to buy them. So I picked up some good quality sausages and a sheet of puff pastry and got in the kitchen. We’ve all got cheese in the fridge and I usually have about 4 varieties of chutneys on the go- literally any type will work.

These are made in the time it takes to heat the oven- then just bake, enjoy the smells wafting through the house and try not to eat them all as soon as they come out the oven....


(Makes 12) ⁣

Prep time: 10 mins

Baking time: 20 mins


1 Sheet of puff pastry⁣

6 good quality sausages⁣

3 tbsp chutney of choice ⁣

70g grated cheddar cheese⁣

1 beaten egg⁣

Optional extras: finely diced apple or pickled onions⁣


1. Pre-heat oven to 200° (fan) ⁣

2. Remove the skins from the sausage and add the meat to a bowl. Add the diced apple or pickled onions if using and mash together with your hands. ⁣

3. Lay the puff pastry out landscape and cut across the middle (left to right) ⁣

4. Take the chutney and brush in a strip just below the middle of each strip of pastry⁣

5. Take the sausage meat and lay in a neat, long sausage on top of the chutney (half on each piece of pastry) ⁣

6. Top the sausage meat with the grated cheese ⁣

7. Brush the seams of the pastry nearest to you with beaten egg⁣

8. Bring the top of the pastry over the meat to join the two seams of the pastry together. Use a fork to press and seal the edges together. ⁣

9. Cut each giant roll in to 6 equal pieces (or less if you want bigger ones). ⁣

10. Place on a baking tray spaced an inch apart and brush with beaten egg. (I like to add a sprinkle of pepper or sesame seeds here).⁣

11. Bake for 20-22 mins until golden brown and risen. ⁣

Then eat!! ⁣

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