Welcome to my world of Triathlon

I started Triathlon 5 years ago after meeting my (now) husband Mark who had been competing for several years. I figured that if he was out training that it would be good to do something together. I never anticipated that the sport would end up consuming both of our lives but it has done just that! I used to have the mantra that I would 'exercise to eat cake' which is sort of still true but that has evolved into a much healthier mindset of 'training and fuelling'.

Mark's diet was that of a typical young bloke when I met him. A few too many takeaways, a lot of processed 'fast' food and not a huge amount of fruit and veg. It never occurred to him that 'eating right' could have quite a big impact on his life and his training. He was tested twice in his 20's for diabetes which is pretty scary. I've worked really hard (some would call it 'nagging') to change his mindset and although it's not perfect (we are only human after all) its certainly much better. 

We have done some awesome things in our time together- 4 Ironman races between us so far (only 1 is mine...), endurance events, sportives, countless training miles and plenty of blood sweat and tears along the way. We even cycled the whole of the Pacific Highway in California from San Fransico to San Diego. 620 miles in 10 days of cycling. 

Here I will share our story. What we've achieved, what we have learned and all that is yet to come. 

Click the links below for all my triathlon blog posts - I hope you enjoy! 

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