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Making the most of "Lockdown"

What a weird place we are currently in.... Even as this materialised on the news back in January, I don't think any of us could have imagined where we are today and I think a lot is still to come. We are all facing challenges, limitations and tough times. Most of you will know I am a full time Critical Care Nurse which makes the situation right now so much more prevalent for myself and all the amazing NHS and military colleagues I have worked with for over 10 years of my career. I currently do an office job and am waiting tentatively for that to change before I go off to the 'front line' in a critical care capacity once more. I am genuinely so so proud to be a nurse and the support that has been shown to everyone working tirelessly on the front line has been incredible. I really hope the recognition and praise for the NHS is not forgotten once this is all over because although the situation right now is entirely unprecedented and something we have never seen before- I can gurantee every single nurse, doctor, allied health professional and hospital support staff graft every single day in those hospitals! And it's all to give the best care to our patients in their time of need.

I firmly believe in making the most of all our opportunities and I am also incredibly aware how much everything can take it's toll on people. Whilst we need to remain current in what is happening and ensure we adhere to the government guidelines, we also need to ensure we have some headspace time and get chance to focus on the positives. One huge positive for me today, is the opportunity to sit down at the computer with my blog, and catch up on lots of things I needed to do, adding new recipes and correcting some errors across all the posts so far. It also gives me a chance to write this and reflect on things so far.

I am actually cherishing the opportunity to back off a little from training. 2019 was a long year, racing up to IM 70.3 Bahrain in December meant little respite from training and racing. I certainly forget sometimes how much commitment it really takes and having a little break from that isn't a bad thing. I am not going to bang my drum too much about the guidelines laid out by the government, but we have taken the personal choice to cease riding outdoors (thank god for turbo trainers) and simply use our 'one exercise per day' to run with our dog for a maximum 30-40 minutes. I do have a strong personal view on the unnecessary risk people are taking by continuing to go out on long bike rides (despite it technically being within the guidelines) and the reasons for this are widely acknowledged. The guidance is for the entire general population to enable them to exercise for health and well being- not endurance training. If the government reaches the point where it has to lay out these specifics I think I might just give up. I know everyone thinks because they have been riding for years with no issues then it's fine but we are all ok- until we aren't. And right now, it's one less stress you, the NHS or your family needs. Those even going out for long runs- keep close to home and do so with caution. The last thing you need right now is a knackered immune system- please make sensible choices and look at the bigger picture of what's important right now. Rest up, keep strong, eat well and maybe look at focusing on other things that can still benefit your training and mental health but from home. I've had a previous spinal injury and I'm an absolute swine for neglecting stretching, yoga and core work. So guess what I'll be focusing on now that I have the time!!!

I am disappointed, just like so many others that races have been cancelled- thankfully I was still undecided on an official race plan so hadn't entered many big events with costly entry fees. Understanding there is a lot of tension over deferrals and race refunds, what I really couldn't bear to see is the collapse of our beloved triathlon organisations and clubs if they cant afford to continue after re begin to re-build ourselves at the end of COVID-19. If the sacrifice of my race entry fees so far means it supports the future of triathlon and racing then so be it. I do appreciate not everyone can afford to say that and for many, races will be just one small part of the financial challenges we face. My husband is self-employed but still working as a gas fitter for homes and families with no heating and hot water. He's maintaining social distancing, showering as soon as he gets home, and uniform is cleaned on a 60 degree wash every day.

I can absolutely guarantee you that we have not been one of the thousands of people stockpiling from supermarkets. The overall display of what some have been doing truly shocks me and despite warning, supermarkets are still treacherous places to be- particularly first thing in the morning! It's 1pm now and I'll be running with Alfie shortly before braving the shops for the first time this week. I intend to buy whatever we need for the coming days and avoid any need to go back to the shops again unnecessarily. I really hope you are all doing the same.

I will continue to post recipes on the blog and will be re-focusing the recipes to keep them simple and ideally using minimal ingredients without compromising on the end result. My Instagram account is always active and I'm doing Insta-stories of recipes in a step by step format to inspire you to maybe try something new- I highly recommend the Bacon and Pepper Frittata- an absolute win!

I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and STAYING AT HOME. Please reach out in your communities and do what you can to minimise vulnerable people leaving their homes. My own grandma is stubborn as hell and was still going to the shops until last Friday where I had to have stern words with her about the real risk she was imposing on herself at 83 years of age. Thankfully, she has now reassured me she's 'doing as she's told' and staying in whilst graciously accepting help from those around her. Not easy for someone so fiercely independent.

Just remember that at some point this will all end. We can all do our bit to help that process so please please PLEASE do whatever you can to adhere to the guidelines and keep you and your loved ones safe and well.

If you have anything you'd like to comment or add, please feel free to message and have a chat!

Leanne xxx

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